CV for Pelle F. S. Liljendal

Here below you can see my educational- and worklife in form of a CV where I list work experience, tools used, skils, experience and education/courses. Elsewhere at this website you can read much more about my personal interrests

Work Experiences

Year Company Title Responsibility
 2016-  Infinite-Noise  Company Owner
 Producing sound-libraries, develop software able to generate (audio) single-cycle waveforms, do photo retouching/restoration and other forms of graphics and software development.
2013- BM Autoteknik A/S, Møldrup Software Engineer and Consultant Back at BM Autoteknik to develop a brand new version of the software using C# .Net and the latest tools, while keeping the old Delphi version alive in the process. Working/developing on multiple platforms: Windows, Windows IoT, Windows-Phone, Android (Xamarin), Embedded, SQL-Server, Sqlite, Firebird.
2010-2013 Logodan A/S, Silkeborg Developer Deveoplemt of software for Windows/Doors-Manufators (Using Delphi and MS-SQL).
2008-2010 BM Autoteknik A/S, Møldrup Developer Development of software for Brake-testing and Car-/Truck-inspektion for Windows and PDA/Compact Framework (Using Delphi, C# and Interbase)
2001 -2008 Dias Danmark a.m.b.a., Viborg Developer, IT-Consultant & Network administrator Internal development of database-systemets (Delphi / C#, Firebird / Interbase and MS-SQL). Network administration (LAN/WAN) W2003, SQL2005, Exchange, Citrix. IntraNote and DocuNote administration.
1999-2001 First Concern A/S, Herning Network administrator 
Network administration (LAN/WAN) NT 4.0/W2K. Mail-system (MS-Exchange), Internet connection (MS-Proxy), Web-Site (MS FrontPage), Internal development of database-systems (Delphi against MS-SQL, InterBase and AS/400 Databases).
1997-1999 Tytex A/S, Ikast Network administrator (IT-Ansvarlig) Network administration (LAN/WAN) Novell 4/5. Internet- configuration/development (WEB and E-MAIL). Internal development of database-systems. AS/400 Administration.
1995-1997 Branel Automatik A/S, Brande Analyst, Programmer and Consultant Design and Development of production control systems for the Concrete and Asphalt business. Installation and configuration of hardware/software. Misc. consultant projects. Internal version control and customer updates.
1994-1995 IC2000, Bording Analyst, Programmer and Consultant <span xml:lang="en-us" lang="en-us">Design and Development of DataFlex Applications for use in the Furniture- and Wood- business. Internal network administrator. Development of FlexQL rapports (SQL for DataFlex). Internal versions control and customer updates.
1993-1994 CES - Comité Économique et Social (Økonomiske og Sociale Udvalg) in Brussels Techinal-stagiere in the informatics department Network administration (+650 users, +30 servers) Tapestry II / UNIX.. User support (Hardware/Software). Administration of hardware. Development of internal applications in C++.
1990-1993 DSA INTL. ApS., Espergærde / Luxembourg system consultants, Luxembourg Analyst, programmer and consultant(EDB-Håndværker) Design and Development of systems to the weight- and shipping business. User support (Hardware/Software). Installation and configuration of Soft- and Hardware Installation and configuration of Ethernet environment (Novell/LanManager). Client-Server environment (Unix/Oracle database server). Functioned as team-leader
1984-1988 BFC-DATA A/S, Herning Workshopper Demonstration of IBM PC Soft- and Hardware, minor programming projects on IBM PCs


Tools, Skills and Experience

Platforms (OS/NOS) Windows, Windows IoT, Xamarin, Android, OSX, IOS, Linux/Unix, DOS, AS/400, Novell, BS2000.
Skills Architecture/Patterns, Dependency Injection, IoC, Unit-Testing (TDD), Continuous Integration, Scrum, Version Control, Database design
Development C#, Delphi, C/C++, DataFlex, Assembler, SQL
Databases MS-SQL, FireBird/InterBase, SQLite, DB2 (AS/400), Paradox. Access, BTreeFiler, PostgreSQL, DataFlex, Oracle
Graphic/Design Affinity (Photo, Design, Publisher), Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), InkScape, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDRAW. Blender
Web DotNetNuke (.Net based CMS), Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Intranote


Education / Courses

Year Education (Type/Name/Place) Durance
Advanced Web Application Technologies with MS Visual Studio 2005 (2544A)
Core Web Application Technologies with MS Visual Studio 2005 (2543B)
Implementing and Maintaining MS-SQL 2005 Integration Services (2792)
Implementing and Maintaining MS-SQL 2005 Reporting Services (2793A)
MBS Navision Design / Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 Design (6409)
Troubleshooting and Optimizing MS-SQL 2005 (2790A)
Administrating and Automating MS-SQL 2005 (2789B)
Maintaining a MS-SQL 2005 Database (2780A)
Upgrade W2K AD -> W2003 AD (????)
Implementing and Supporting MS-IIS (2295A)
Implementing and Managing MS-Exchange W2K (1572)
Citrix MetaFrame XP for Windows Administration with FR2 (CTX-1222)
Implementing and Administrating MS W2K Directory Services (2154)
Implementing a MS W2K Network Infrastructure (2153)
MS Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials (2151)
Various AS/400 courses: AS/400 AKS, AS/400 System administration, AS/400 Interform, 
1998  Merkonom IT (Ikast) -
1990  Voksen pædagogisk grundkursus (Herning) -
1987-1990 EDB-Assistent (Skive EDB-Skole) 2½ Years
1986-1987 EFG Handel og kontor (Herning handelsskole) 1 Year
1976-1986 Folkeskolen (Hammerum Fri- og Efterskole / Gjellerupskolen) 10 Years


Pelle F. S. Liljendal
Søndergade 30
9632 Møldrup

Phone: +45 22 27 96 86
E-Mail: pelle [at] Liljendal [dot] dk

Born: 1969 in Nibe/Denmark
Gender: Male
Marital status: Single

Other Interrests

As you can see a great deal of my life have been (and still is) concentrated around computers, and beside working in the area of computing it is also a great interest of mine "stealing my spare time". Here at home is where I try to "learn new tricks" and in general keep up with what is going on. However beside computers I do keep other interests as well that I try go allocate time for:

  • Family and Friends (having a good time together)
  • I've always been interested in Flying, and since I'm never going to become a real life pilot I've been doing a lot in the virtual worlds of Flight Simulation where I've both developed software myself, been a beta member (for software developed by others) and been attached to a couple of virtual airlines where I beside flying have made scenery, repainting planes and maintaining websites.
  • Always working on 1 or 2 self-made development projects (as of now for Flight-Sim or Waveform generation). In the process I learned how to record videos for YouTube to describe new features added to this software.
  • Riding my Motorbike, alone or with friends (was without a bike for some years but had to have one again).
  • Creating- and working with Graphics and Photography. All the graphics I use in my own software (and the software at work) I've done myself (usually created as vector-graphics then converted to raster).
  • Trying to create/play music (beside listening to music created by others).
  • Finally I moved from apartment to a house, so now some time has to be allocated to keeping the house and the garden :-)
  • In 1995 I Joined the Danish Home Guard (Hjemmeværnet), but focus on interests has resulted in I am now registered as an inactive member.
  • Learning new stuff ... You can never learn too much, nor can you have too many HP calculators ... RPN Rules !!!